You're here because you have an idea!  Whether your idea is for a hobby or you're ready to turn it into your livelihood we want to help you. We want to be your biggest cheerleaders while helping you find confidence and clarity.  

Hi, I’m Jack. The head honcho of OC. I’m a creative person who loves business.  I’m passionate about problem solving, highly strategic and I live to help others succeed.  I’m also a futurist who sees ideas and possibilities at every turn.  I combine these skills to help you find clarity of identity and purpose and then the magic happens, we build it together.  

While living abroad for 12 years I discovered something profound, there's immense satisfaction in combining self-awareness and hard work.  I don't believe in short-cuts or cookie cutter approaches to success.  Success comes when you're not afraid to be yourself and you're willing to work hard to make it happen.


Interested in coaching or business development?