Three things Instagram won't teach you about being an entrepreneur

Instagram has a tendency to make the world look sexier than it is for most of us.  The same is true for us entrepreneurs, Instagram often portrays these ninjas of business with endless energy and nothing but opportunity in front of them.  Here are three things Instagram doesn't tell us about the entrepreneur life.

1. We all have false beliefs

2. We all have to get scrappy 

3. We're all afraid to be found out

Jack Fussell
Lou Mongello : his entrepreneur journey from Jersey lawyer to Disney expert
Lou Mongello Disney
Lou Mongello Disney

Lou Mongello made the journey from New Jersey Lawyer to building a business around his passion for Disney.  His podcast WDWRadio was voted the best travel podcast for nine consecutive years and has built a loyal community of friends.  In this episode of the Onward Creatives Podcast we look at how Lou pursued his passion and built a business even though many friends said it would fail within six weeks.  At the center of Lou's business is community.  He has built his business one friendship at a time and shares the importance of "caring at scale."

The entrepreneur world is full of sales funnels, webinars, promises of passive income and shortcuts to success.  Lou debunks these and offers a different way of thinking about success, with authentic community at the center of it all.

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Build around your personality, strengths and preferences

You are definitely your best asset!  But the reality spite of what our mom said, none of us are perfect. We each have unique personalities and giftings but none of us are great at everything.  Regardless of whether we're self-employed or working within an existing company or organization we're guaranteed to be more successful if we build around who we are.  There are three ways to build around who we are:

1. Build around your personality.  We use the Meyers Briggs test to dive into who we are.  Not only is it helpful to better understand what you do naturally, it also helps to understand the roles that will drain you.  One of the weaknesses of my personality is that I have difficulty focusing on details.  So I have to double down in this part of my work, or hire someone to help me with this.  It's great to have someone close to you fill in these gaps with their personality.

2. Build around your strengths.  The Strength Finders Assessment is a great way to assess your top 5 strengths.  If you're like me when you see your results you'll have an "a-ha" moment and some things that you thought were quirky turn out to be your greatest strengths.  For years I was told that I asked too many questions and was even labeled as a rebel.  I struggled through this for a long time until I realized that I was actually wired as a futurist who ideates.  This understanding changed what I labeled as a liability into an asset. With 34 strengths out there it's vital to know your own and then bring in others to help build a complete skill set.

3.  Build around your preferences.  In addition to our personalities and strengths we also have preferences.  We shouldn't discount these when it comes to building a team.  For every task I prefer not to do there's someone who loves to do it.  So I say, let them do it!  It helps them fulfill their role and it leaves time on your plate for the things that come more naturally.

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