How do I sell? It's about the narrative, not the product!
priscilla-du-preez-234138.jpg's the thing we all struggle with....and the thing we need the most.  We usually approach selling with this attitude...."tell them why I'm so great....why my product is better."  This approach used to work....but now the competition is stiff and global and proving "better-than" is more difficult than ever.  So how do we sell?

We sell the narrative over the product.  We sell the solution not the details.  Here are three ways to discover and sell your narrative:

1.  Know your audience and the problem they need solving
2. Position your brand as the solution
3. Communicate this consistently

Jack Fussell
How to build a new and better network

What we want is what we already had.....human experience....human interactions.  Business is the same as it always has been....human in it's very nature.  Networking can be difficult to navigate and usually brings to mind cheap ballrooms and stacks of business cards, I say we can do it better.

You can build a better's how!

1. Know who you want to connect with.  Go beyond the broad label and know who they are, what they want, what they value and where they gather.

2. Network around something other than your job.  If you're a wedding photographer don't network with other photographers.  If you know who you want to connect with....then look at the other angles of who you are and connect with people there.  Be creative and add value!

3. Network around a message.  Nike did it in their "Find Your Greatness" ad series.  Apple did it in their "Think Different" campaign. Neither mentioned their product or their details....they connected with an audience around a worldview, a philosophy.  What is your message?


Jack Fussell
Networking....let's do this together

So often when we're ready to launch or grow our business we  The website is more of a responsive tool.  Sales is all about awareness and reputation.  No matter how amazing our product is, if they don't know that we exist they will never buy from us.

Networking is a word that terrifies most of us because we think of cheesy Chamber of Commerce meetings in hotel ballrooms....where cheap beer and business cards flow like honey.  There's a better way.

To develop a true network you need to:

1. Know your target audience
2. Make a plan to meet them
3. Go to willing to be uncomfortable
4. Make it about them (add before you ask)
5. Look and ask for connections
6. Stay in touch

Jack Fussell