What is success?

What is success?

There are so many answers:
It's about having much...
It's about living without...
4 hour work weeks...
80 hour work weeks...
Working a secure job....
Working for yourself...

Which one is right?
Success isn't about how much or little you have....or how much or how little you work. It's not about a tactic or way of doing something.  All of these things can be good or bad....it all depends on you.  Identity and alignment are the keys to success.

So what is success?  Here it is....

Success is knowing who you are and living in alignment with this identity.

Jack Fussell
Four ways to stand out and get the job

Let's be practical!  This episode is for anyone who is...

1. Looking for a job
2. Transitioning to a new career OR
3. Trying to get people to hire your company


These are Four Ways that you can stand out and get the job.

1. Be on Social Media
2. Establish yourself as a thought leader
3. Buy your own domain and have a landing page
4. Get creative and stand out

Jack Fussell
How do I sell? It's about the narrative, not the product!

Selling....it's the thing we all struggle with....and the thing we need the most.  We usually approach selling with this attitude...."tell them why I'm so great....why my product is better."  This approach used to work....but now the competition is stiff and global and proving "better-than" is more difficult than ever.  So how do we sell?

We sell the narrative over the product.  We sell the solution not the details.  Here are three ways to discover and sell your narrative:

1.  Know your audience and the problem they need solving
2. Position your brand as the solution
3. Communicate this consistently

Jack Fussell