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Lou Mongello : his entrepreneur journey from Jersey lawyer to Disney expert
Lou Mongello Disney
Lou Mongello Disney

Lou Mongello made the journey from New Jersey Lawyer to building a business around his passion for Disney.  His podcast WDWRadio was voted the best travel podcast for nine consecutive years and has built a loyal community of friends.  In this episode of the Onward Creatives Podcast we look at how Lou pursued his passion and built a business even though many friends said it would fail within six weeks.  At the center of Lou's business is community.  He has built his business one friendship at a time and shares the importance of "caring at scale."

The entrepreneur world is full of sales funnels, webinars, promises of passive income and shortcuts to success.  Lou debunks these and offers a different way of thinking about success, with authentic community at the center of it all.

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Bringing Hope from Tragedy with Ashley Jones

hope Ashley Jones has turned tragedy into hope with her non-profit Love Not Lost.  After suffering the loss of her child Ashley turned to photography to help start the next chapter of her life.  She soon found herself being invited to take portraits of people with terminal illnesses.  After facing such a devastating loss herself she realized the importance of preserving and capturing the memory of loved ones through photography.  Out of this desire to help others she formed the non-profit Love not Lost. Her story is one of deep loss, grief and hope as she now uses her past to help others.

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Leading a give back movement with Lauren Glass

lauren glass Lauren Glass is the southern entrepreneur behind Throw Pillows, a give back company.  This 25 year old entrepreneur is already seven years into her journey and there's no stopping her.  At the age of 18 she was wrestling with her purpose and the work she wanted to spend her life doing.  Being 5' 0" she ruled out being an olympic volleyball player, and quickly realized that there was no career in watching Netflix so she set out to discover her "thing".  One day she asked herself the question "If I were to die right now, what would people say about me?" and her life changed forever.

Lauren founded Beds4kids to help provide mattresses for children who were without.  She was in the process of writing grant proposals and soon realized that this process was risky and slow to produce results.  Her entrepreneurial spirit jumped in and she decided to fund her non-profit by launching the give back company Throw Pillows.  Lauren is on the journey towards changing the world around her by combining business with giving.  She's fearless, she's driven and she's accomplished by 25 what many of us hope to accomplish before retirement.  Join us for the interview below.