Enough with the anxiety, let's starve, replace and kill it!



Does it wake you up?  Is everything fine and then suddenly....it's not? Do you find your mind racing ahead through possible scenarios most of which end with you crashing and burning into utter destruction?

Maybe I'm the only one....but I doubt that I am.  Anxiety sucks and we as creatives are especially vulnerable to this "companion" who over stays his welcome.

To be honest, I'm done with it....so here are the three things that I'm doing to kill it so I can go onward.

1. Starve it----remove the things that feed it

2. Replace it ---- find other "wolves" to run with

3. Kill it-----rewire the mind and the way you face difficulties.

Do you struggle with it also?  If so join the private Facebook group and let's help each other out!

Jack Fussell