Episode 128: Best Year Ever, It's Launch Time

It's go time! You've set some goals for this year to help you make a living doing what you love, and it's time to act on it.  I work with a lot of launches and there are always three things launches do.

1. They have to set a launch day.  When are you going to start moving towards the big goal.  Set a date and make it official.

2. Market.  In this case the target is yourself.  There are so many competitive voices fighting for your attention, make sure to keep your goals and ideas at the front of your mind.

3. Be patient and Hustle.  More often than not things start gradually.  Don't be disappointed if the results come in slowly....they usually do.  While it builds...keep hustling.  Startups require constant energy and usually go through multiple pivots and tweaks.  Your big idea or goal is the same, keep at it and put in the time.

Let's make this Your Best Year Ever!