Stop competing and start doing it differently!


Do you know what makes you different? Solopreneurs and established businesses both have the same goals, to stand out from all of the others. They also share the same exact problem: they have no idea what really makes them different.

Your similarities to others don’t matter. To be honest, people don’t care about the things you do just like all of the others…..they’re looking for what you do differently. The differences are what people attach themselves to.

Where do you start? Look at the others in your space; what are they doing in regards to point of view, operations, marketing, sales, delivery, retail….what can you do differently? Too many fail because they literally do what they do exactly like the others.

McDonalds and Burger King….the same…..Chick-fil-A offers courtesy and they win.

United and American Airlines….the same….Southwest has fun and they win.

Six Flags and Universal….the same….Disney creates magic and they win.

Stop competing and start doing it differently!

Jack Fussell