The World's Worst Entrepreneur


Helicopters, Ferraris, non-stop content creation and endless energy. This is what the entrepreneur life is all about. My reality is a beat up iPhone 7, forgetting to post on IG and bags under my eyes so large they wouldn’t even fit in the overhead compartment. I am the world’s worst entrepreneur. My IG feed is full of amazing quotes pushing me onward, pics of entrepreneurs in the most exotic locations and countless rags to riches stories. It sounds awesome and some days I feel like I come close to touching this ideal but many days (and late nights) I feel like this life is a million miles from my reality.

So yes, I'm the world's worst entrepreneur.  I don't have a helicopter, I don't always exhibit the "Top Ten Entrepreneurial Habits", and I probably work way too much. To be honest I drink too much coffee, don't sleep enough, buy more books than I read, and sometimes I simply want to chill out with a Moscow Mule and watch a few episodes of the Office.

So I'm either the worst....or I'm simply normal. 

The reality is that life rarely looks like we see in's way more human.  So if you're struggling to get it all done, you're normal.  If you're struggling to make the right choices daily, you're normal.  If you're working way too much and are daily tempted to throw in the towel, you're normal.

So if you're like me what can you do?

1.Do what you can do.Make priorities and stick with them.  You're not Superman, you can't do everything.  

2. Keep at it. You will be tired, you will work too much, you will be underpaid.  BUT if you keep at it you can have a life like no other.

3. Find community. You may feel like you're alone, but you're not.  Find others that are on the same journey and travel together.  Feel free to download the Marco Polo App and let's have a conversation.


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