Episode 133: The Key to Content Creation

It's the question so many of us struggle with.  How do I get more attention?  Traditionally the path has been ads but those days have changed.  Content creation is the new ad and unlike an ad can actually solve a problem.  The key to content gaining attention is the vertical approach.  Vertical is where you create content around a subject applicable to multiple industries or groups. Here's how to do it...

1. It's about value not occupation.  If you're a video producer you could focus on your skills as a story teller.  You could articles for multiple different publications, blogs, podcasts or Youtube videos instructing on how to tell a good story.  

2. Determine the horizontals you want to interact with.  What spaces do you think could benefit from your skill AND occupation.  These spaces are great places to start.  Never forget that a CEO is also a dad, so never underestimate different content spaces.

3. Know the platforms.  The big question is your platform or theirs.  Each bring their advantages and disadvantages and the sweet spot is a balance of both.

4. Execute and be patient.  Here's an insider secret....there's no short cut in marketing.  Even ads don't work if executing on randomly.  Content creation requires a good strategy, consistent execution and patience.  The more you create in different spaces the more you develop the reputation as a thought leader.  This takes time so keep at it.


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