Episode 132: The Top Three Spaces to Get Attention

The battle is for attention.  It sounds new but the fact is the battle has always been for attention.  Madison Avenue and the Mad Men have been the gladiators in this battle for years, their tools were TV ads, radio spots and print pieces.  So what has changed?  The internet and mobile phone have changed everything.  We now have access to the same audience they do and the playing field has been leveled.

In spite of how accessible this space is we still struggle with how to get attention. So how do you fight in this new arena and get the limited resource of attention?  Content Creation.  

There are three key spaces to create content if you want to gain attention.

1. Vertical:Topic Focused Content which Solves a Problem

2. Horizontal: Interest Focused Content with Resources the Life

3. Spherical: Lifestyle Focused Content which Shares the Worldview


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