Episode 136: The biggest marketing mistake you're making

Marketing, one of life's biggest mysteries!  Everyone has questions and everyone also seemingly has an answer.  Regardless of the space you're in I see one glaring mistake across the board....not creating content.  Content creation is the key in the new value economy.  

Interruptions are out....value is in.  So many of us are still operating like it was 2005 of 2006 when all you had to do was show up and the world came knocking.  Those days are gone and internet requires more than you showing up....it requires resources.  You either sacrifice money or time.  Time and value are the keys as it engages beyond an interruption.  So how do you create content?

1. Identify your audience

2. Define THEIR problem

3. Determine your preferred channel

4. Be there, be consistent and be social

5. Create sawdust

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