Episode 137: How to Build a Killer Instagram Strategy

"How do I build my Instagram following?"  I hear this question (and ask it) every day.  Over 1 Billion of us are on Instagram and we all recognize that it's at the heart of content and marketing.....but we also recognize that it's a beast to build on.

So how do we stand out from the other billion users?  The best strategy is to avoid the gimmicks and short cuts and take a human centric approach.

1.  Focus on your audience: Why are they on Instagram? Do they want to be entertained or educated? What is the problem they have? How do you solve it? Once you know these answers then you tell a story each and every day. Even on short form channels such as IG stories matter….and ultimately the story is about the audience.

2. Define your identity: We all desire consistency and consistency breeds trust. What is the look and feel of your feed? People will browse your feed and quickly determine whether they should take a deeper look. So the goal is a look that is consistent but also invites curiosity.

3. Tell a story: Think of your feed as one giant story with each day being a page. Once you have your identity and story then post frequently. People are on IG multiple times per day, if you post 1x week you will be virtually invisible to most users. Also make sure to use hashtags to lead more people to your feed.

4. Connect with others: Instagram is a conversation. Traditional media is a one way conversation, don’t treat IG like this. Start with your profile….what does it say about you? How does it let your audience know what they can expect and why you matter to them? Use Linktree to add more links to your profile. And once you post, make sure to post on other platforms for maximum impact.

5. Be human: People often ask how to build their following Organically….simple….be organic, be human. We don’t like faceless brands, we want to engage with people more than ever before and technology simply facilitates this. Engage with micro influencers is a great way to make human connections. Utilizing stories and live video is another amazing way to make your feed more “sticky”. And lastly….always go for a conversation.


Are you ready to build your Instagram strategy?  Let's talk!