Episode 138: Turning Failure into Momentum

Failure!  It will happen to all of us!  The question isn't "will I fail?"  the question is "What do I do when I fail?"

The issue with failure is that it can rob us of what we ultimately want: to feel respected, valued and appreciated.  When we fail at something or one of our ideas fails it can sting deeply and if not dealt with correctly can actually derail us.  

One of the key ingredients in turning failure into momentum is the mindset. When failure hits a fixed mindset it creates fear and anxiety. A fixed mindset believes that their skills and talents are static and the failure is proof of their inadequacies. This mindset locks down in the face of failure.

A growth mindset still feels the pain of failure but its only temporary. The growth mindset is based in the belief that skills and talents are capable of development and growth. When failure encounters a growth mindset it results in new strategies, increased effort, acquisition and development of talents/skills and ultimately hopefulness.

Here are five ways to turn failure into momentum:

1.  Know yourself.  Do I have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

2. Map out what went wrong.  What contributed to the failure?

3. Reflect and pivot.  How adjustments can I make going forward?

4. Fill in the gaps.  What skills or knowledge do I need to acquire?

5. Get back up and go again.


Are you ready to make your failure work for you?  Let's talk!