Creating content for the customer journey

The Customer Journey is at the heart of an effective marketing strategy.  Whether you're a company of one or one thousand your chances of success greatly improve when you understand the customer journey.  Once you have this journey mapped out then it's time to overlay content.

The goal of the content is to move people through the four steps of the customer journey: awareness, reputation, exchange and advocacy.

Here are the key steps to developing this content strategy:

1.  Identify your customers.  Who are the key 2-3 people who will ultimately make an exchange with you?

2. Define their problem.  You're selling more than a product, you're selling a solution.  Dig into your customers worldview to discover their key problem.

3. Create content/strategy for each step of the journey.  

  • Where do you communicate?

  • What do you communicate?

  • How do you communicate?


Ready to shape the customer journey?