Customer Experience: The New Marketing Battleground

The rules have changed and those who create the best customer experience are winning. The old paradigm was those with longevity and large ad spends held the advantage….the rest of us fought amongst ourselves. Now it’s all changed, the field is level and those who create the best experience hold the advantage.

The key to creating customer experience is two steps: first you have to map out the customer journey and then you have to layer empathy over the top. Once you’ve done this, you get to work, making sure you deliver a consistent voice and experience from start to finish.

If this is key then why do most of us fail to deliver an amazing customer experience….mostly because we don’t think about it, and if we do we only focus on the point of sale. All of us can benefit from mapping the customer journey….because all of us have customers. Whether you’re a freelancer, work for a company, are growing a side-hustle or small business or whether you’re leading a large company this is THE THING needed to grow your business and brand.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Acknowledge the journey.

2. Define the journey:

  • Awareness

  • Reputation

  • Exchange

  • Advocacy

3.Experience the journey:
Learn from those who do it well.  Southwest Airlines, Disney, Ritz-Carlton, Sephora, Carvana, Barkbox, Apple, Trader Joes, Zappos.



Ready to build your Customer Experience?