Glasses, brows and shirts: how great brands are getting our attention


Regardless of size, we all face the same battle...the one for attention.  Whether you're a brand of one or a brand of many attention is the first step in nudging customers on their journey.  No matter what you make, if they don't know you exist they can't buy from you.

You probably feel the pain on a daily basis: you design the site, you publish the video, you open the store and the silence is deafening.  There are great brands like GlossierEverlane and Warby Parker that have captured our attention and turned us into fans.  How did they do it?  Here are the four things these brands have in common:

1. They know and understand their audience
2. They're defined the problem(s) their customers have
3. They know how they uniquely solve the problem
4. They actively communicate in unique and consistent ways