Earning Trust: It's all about the Experience

It's not enough to grab people's attention, a lot of brands do that.  Trust is the currency of business, and earning it is vital to the customer journey.  Customers care less about perception and more about experience.  Every day well "branded" companies go out of business while "hole in the wall" places flourish....what's the difference?  Consistency of experience.  

Customers engage brands that they trust and this trust is earned when THEIR understanding of the brand matches THEIR experience.  In the old world the brand proclaimed the greatness and established the trust.  In this new world the customer proclaims the greatness and socializes the experience.  

Money is always preceded by trust.  When brands earn our trust, they earn our money.  When they lose our trust, they lose our money.  The key to trust is consistency in every part of the experience.  Brands earn our trust when they create a consistent experience from start to finish.

Three brands that consistently earn our trust:

1. Apple: Helps people be inspired, confident and feel better about themselves.

2. Target: Combines creativity, low prices and unique design offerings in spaces that feel warm and human.

3. Lush: Believes that beauty can be human, happy and naturally indulgent.


Ready to earn your customer’s trust?

Jack Fussell