The Heart of Selling : The Customer Experience

At the heart of selling is the customer experience.  An ad may capture your attention, content may create interest but the customer experience is where the magic happens.  This is the space where we win or lose, this is the epicenter of the entire process.

“The best customer experiences are intensely human.”

How do we create an engaging customer experience? We have to think of every detail of the process from the customer's perspective. Here are a few questions to ask:

1. What is my brand's digital/physical curb appeal?
2. What does my website/store/point of sale look, smell, sound and feel like?
3. How do I make the experience as human as possible?
4. How easy is it to find what they want?
5. How easy is it to purchase/buy/donate/exchange?
6. How do I care for people post-sale?

These guys are doing it well:


Trader Joes

Dollar Shave Club


Let's create an experience worth talking about