The Rise of the New Influencer

Word of mouth has always been the preferred way of doing business. The struggle has always been the absence of a way to scale word of mouth.  Nano and micro influencers are the answer because they literally personify word of mouth marketing.

Social media is more than a variety of apps aimed at entertaining us.  Social media has created an influencer marketing space worth over $10 billion dollars.  This landscape has mostly been dominated by the mega influencers, but the tide is changing. Not only are the mega influencers seeing engagements rate decrease they're seeing trust decrease.  People want more than a spokesperson.  They want a human connection.

We're seeing the rise of the new influencer both the micro (5-25k followers) and the nano (1-5k followers.)  This group is amazing because they more abundant, easier to connect with and most importantly they still have connections to their followers.

Regardless of the size of your business or the marketing budget you have it's vital to have a way to connect with nano and micro influencers.

Here's what I'm doing:

1.  Connecting with nano/micro influencers in my local cities.

2.  Setting up personal connects.  Literally seeing the digital realized in real life.

3.  Creating connections between this group in real life gatherings.

Are you ready for the new influencer?  How will you connect with them?

Are you ready to connect with the New Influencer?