The New Approach to Instagram


It’s time to change the conversation around Instagram. It’s about connections, not followings! We need to stop obsessing over numbers and obsess over the thing that matters, engagement. Enough with obsessing over the daily gain and loss of followers, enough with the gimmicks and hype, it's time to change the conversation.

Connections over following, this is where the magic is.  Winning at Instagram is actually quite simple and old-school.  It's about making connections.  Whether you have an audience of 100 or 100,000 connect with your audience.  

There are three ways to win at Instagram:

1. Facilitate online conversations.  You have tools such as comments, likes and direct messages....use them.

2. Take the online...offline.  Business is still human, so make the connections human.  Grab a coffee, beer or even gather a handful from the IG in real time.

3. Give, give, give.  Use your connections and influence to help others succeed.  Make the introductions and watch as this human ecosystem begins to take shape.


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