Macy Mcneely on Persuasion, the Growth Mindset and Selling on Instagram


There's so much to learn from this amazing conversation with Macy Mcneely.  At the heart of everything Macy does is persuasion.  To persuade is to move someone towards a course of action.  Macy has a natural gift to cast a vision and then actively gathers people around her to move towards this vision.  

In this podcast we talk about her movement "Good is cool" and the powerful way that it helps people make the best decisions.  We also talk about initial failure in sales which resulted in an amazing partnership with her dad called "Clearly Confident" a three day sales training held multiple times per year.

She also shares three tips for selling on Instagram.  

1. Tell others stories, a more subtle way to establish authority.

2. Be enthusiastic.  You must believe in what you're selling.

3.Learn proper communications skills.  Remember that everything is a personal connection.

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