How to standout and why it matters to your business


You have to stand out!  If you look and sound just like everyone else why should someone choose you?  Competition is intense and now it's global.  The key is standing out!

How do you stand out?

1. Focus on the customer.  They are the ones who will choose you over the others.  It's important what they want in both the spoken and unspoken space.

2. Define what makes you different.  The key to this is that it has to matter to the customer.  This isn't middle school anymore....different is good!

3. Look and sound different.  Pull up their sites and their IG you all look the same?  Create an identity that connects with your customer and sets you apart at the same time.

4. Focus on the experience.  Your competition is the best customer experience they've had.  So become a little marketer and study what the best do in customer experience and bring it into your space.

I can help you stand out.