3 Reasons why having a personal style is vital for your success

  personal style

by: Lizzy Jackson

I once read a very wise quote that stated "Your Style introduces you before you even speak." What we wear holds power. It tells the world who we are. It gives us confidence. It gives us a chance to express ourselves in a way words cannot. Anne Klein, Fashion designer and founder of the infamous Anne Klein Sportswear label, once said "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will." While fashion might be about labels and price tags, personal style is about expressing your truth to the world in a way that only you can do.

I fell in love with Fashion at a very young age, however, I didn't realize how deeply what I wore reflected what was going on in my internal world until much later in life. This is when I really discovered the value of finding your personal style and knowing how to implement that style into your daily wardrobe.

So what does all of this talk about personal style mean for you and your success as a creative, as an entrepreneur, as a brave business owner? Read on my friend.

  1. Knowing your personal style actually means buying less and buying with more intention. Let me explain here, once you have identified your personal style, your a lot less likely to buy those 'just because' pieces that are still sitting in the back of your closet with the tags on. When you go in to a store knowing what your personal style is, you can be more intentional with yours purchases and avoid buyers remorse. The goal is not to have more clothes, but to have clothes that perfectly depict who you are as a person. The clothes don't make you who you are, the clothes are a tool for you to express who you are.
  2. Knowing your personal style connects you to who you are. Your style can connect you with your heritage,  your lifestyle, your faith, your beliefs and your passions. It also gets us thinking about who we really are once all the labels are stripped away. I encourage everyone to strip away the labels of being parents, caretakers, and even the labels we might have from our careers and just think about who are you at the end of the day when no one else is around and what are you passionate about? What makes you tick? What sets your heart on fire like nothing else? Whatever that is, is what should be reflected in your outfit choices.
  3. Knowing your personal style gives you confidence. How we dress affects how we feel. When we dress in a way that is true to ourselves, we feel empowered. Don't strive to follow fashion trends, but strive to know your personal style and own it every single day. When we feel confident and empowered, it changes our body language and other people can see our confidence. Know who you are, know your personal style and rock it with confidence!