5 reasons you need gaps in your life

gaps Our lives are busier than ever before which makes it easy to flow from one event to another with no gaps or space in between.  This is the life of most people on the planet, and if you're launching a business, embracing life change or trying something new, the gaps are even smaller and tighter.  The ironic thing is that we need the gaps in our life.

Gaps are where your imagination lives.

Spreadsheets, emails and cubicles are hardly the breeding ground for our imaginations.  Much of our life is spent with these necessary evils because they're the nuts and bolts of doing business but they're definitely not inspiring.  Our minds need to be freed to dream and imagine.  We live much of our lives in the monotony of the highly organized structures of life.  Gaps are like open fields, with no structure or rules where we can literally run free.  This is where imagination dwells!

The Solutions to Your Problems are Waiting.

Most of us live in the world of the immediate.  The pressure is significant to respond to emails, check Facebook, update instagram, spend time with family and keep making money.  The fact is most of us are problem solvers all day long.  But what if the problems we need to solve already have a solution. There are so many ideas, solutions and art forms undiscovered because our lives are so busy that we don't have time to become aware of them. When we carve out some space to disconnect and rest we allow ourselves the time to discover the solutions that will move us past the immediate to the dreaming stage.

Your Big Idea Will Rarely Come Amidst Chaos.

Even when life is busy and chaotic, the gap is what will take you from providing one meal to becoming a fisherman... or a great chef.   Being a one hit wonder might have worked for Vanilla Ice, but if you make time to dream, create, and imagine, your ideas will take you so far beyond what you can come up with in a day or even a week.  And you might need to practice at your skill for a while before you become your own kind of Henry Ford.  (He created the revolutionary Model T car when he was 45.)  When we are in go-mode or in a panicked state of frenzied activity solely focused on putting the next meal on the table, we can easily slip into tunnel vision, therefore, it is an absolute necessity to take breaks and give ourselves time and space to roam.

Creativity Gets Horrible Gas Mileage.

Working in a predictable job with a regular routine is the most efficient way to work (or so would suggest the industrial revolution) but it's also a little like a Prius.  It's practical, efficient, and gets the job done, but it's no where near as much fun as a 1967 Corvette with a V8 engine which is powerful and sexy, but completely fuel inefficient.

Creativity has terrible gas mileage. It takes time, it does not comply to a schedule, and it hates to conform.  It demands everything and constantly expects you to top it off.

But without creativity we will be left idling by the side of the road.  We need it to take us places.  Books, websites, conferences, and podcasts are just a few ways to refuel for the next phase of the journey. (And remember to push the pedal to the floor of your creativity!)

Give Back In The Gap.

Even if you're working all day by yourself in your basement at a computer, you're not doing this by yourself.  We all have family, friends, and colleagues who are walking with us through our journey.  They're all affected by what we're doing and they all have something invested in us.  It's so easy to engage all of our time and energy into our own creative journey, and if we're not careful, we only give those around us our spent, exhausted selves.  The Gap provides us with the perfect opportunity to give those around us the thing they crave more than financial resources....our time, our attention, and the encouragement they need for their own dreams and passions.  They believe in us and give us ample space and time to pursue our dreams, so use your gaps to reinvest in your amazing cheerleaders.