Comfort: friend or foe?

comfort by contributing author  

How comfortable are you with being comfortable? This is often a significant starting observation to make when you consider pursuing life changes. Will your current level of comfort keep you from breaking out of your "zone"? Or will the reality of your current "comfort zone" inspire/motivate you to make a change?

As life seasons pass us by, we begin to recognize periods of planting and periods of growing. For those of us without a gardner’s green thumb, it doesn’t take that much more experience to acknowledge that without seasons of present investment (planting), we can’t really expect much from the seasons of future produce (growth).

Inevitably, those slower periods of planting require routine, diligence, and perhaps suggestions of comfort as you take daily actions towards your goals. This reality, however, does not lend to 100% comfortability, and it shouldn’t! If each day, you do one small thing that challenges your mind or your body - be that a new work out class, taking a different route to work, initiating a coffee date with an inspiring friend or even trying a new are actively stepping out of your “norm” to expand yourself, to indulge discoveries outside of your comfortable realms.

From my personal experience, these smaller efforts to develop myself and broaden my perspectives build up quickly to inspire grander efforts towards change. The saying goes, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” I hold a simple belief that the more you do, the more you do. Of course you have to balance these actions towards growth and change with periods of rest and reflection, but here’s the catch: The more earnestly you chase after change, the richer your reflections will be in those times of quiet. The more consistently you invest in your future’s produce, the more motivated you will be by your present seasons of planting.

How does 'comfort' satisfy/dissatisfy your present? How does it fuel your future? Start with these simple questions.

Don’t let them overwhelm you, but instead make a small list that answers them to your liking and see how taking a moment to acknowledge these truths sways your approach towards change...and then Go After It!