The Days that Make for a Great Life

days 16425 days.  I just celebrated roughly 16425 days on this amazing planet.  This weekend we celebrated two birthdays, mine and Landon's.  Landon asked me how many great days that I've had and I had no problem coming up with several that were unforgettable.

16425 days.  Not all of them have been amazing.  Some have been spent on tax returns, studying for tests, waiting for car repairs, jury duty, dealing with down websites.... But mixed into these are the amazing days....days with family, close friends, new jobs, creative breakthroughs, weddings, births, vacations....these are the days sprinkled among the 16425 (and growing) that make for an amazing life.

So no matter how your week starts, breakup or breakthrough, don't give up, don't lose heart, instead celebrate.  Celebrate the amazing days you've already experienced and celebrate in anticipation of the next great day coming your way!