Being Encouraged by the Beatles, Oprah and Walt Disney (among others)

encouraged Whether you're starting your own business, building out an existing business, launching a creative career or relaunching into a different career path we all find two companions for the journey....doubt and rejection.

As we set out on the journey we soon find that the fanfare and enthusiasm subsides and is often replaced by doubt, rejection, failure and the ominous music in a minor key.

We can take heart in the fact that countless others have gone before us and faced the same thing.  We can be encouraged that so many amazing people have faced rejection and failure in their own journey. Whether they faced self doubt, direct rejection, or indirect rejection they still had to choose between listening to the rejection and giving up or staying true to their dream/idea and pressing onward.  Thankfully they pressed on and we can walk in their footsteps.

These are just a few of those who were told to give up, to give in:

Walt Disney Bill Gates Colonel Sanders Lucille Ball Marilyn Monroe Stephen King Albert Einstein Steven Spielberg Michael Jordan Claude Monet Elvis The Beatles Oprah

Thankfully they didn't and neither should you!