Feed the Courage and Starve the Fear


Fear is one of the key enemies of creativity and this year it is definitely in the air.  This election year has more than it's share of fear on both sides of the aisle.  Not only do we have a very tense presidential election but we also have a string of tragic world events that have contributed to a general sense of fear and distrust.

There's no doubt that fear will influence our creativity and art but it doesn't have to govern our lives and decisions.  We can loosen the grip of fear in our lives by feeding the courage and starving the fear.

Feed the Courage.  If you want to be brave, do brave things.  Fear can be replaced with confidence if we can reestablish control. One of the key drivers behind fear is lack of control. We need to do whatever we can to reestablish a sense of control over our circumstances and we do this by doing brave things.  These brave things don't have to be standing down a tank or marching on DC, they can be more simple things.  We can become brave by trying something new or by connecting with someone that is different than we are.  Brave actions create brave people.

Starve the Fear.   Fear has it's place in life.  Fear protects you from walking in front of a bus, from swimming with the sharks.  Fear does it's best to keep us alive, but it can also keep us from living.  Fear builds walls and isolates us from anyone not like us.  Fear creates suspicion and you can't relate to someone you don't trust.  So starve the fear!  Find the roots of fear in your life and cut them out.  Turn off the cable news.  Unfollow those loud mouthed Facebook posts.  Replace the talking heads with inspiring thought leaders.  It's not about being naive and unaware, it's about curating what enters into the mental space.  This will require a change in habits but fear is aggressive and alters everything it touches so you need to be swift and intentional.

You deserve better than fear.  The world needs us to be fearless and full of hope.  We need to replace all of the suspicions and hate with belief and respect.  There's a better way and it's time for us to lead the world.

Listen to Episode 54 "Feed the Courage and Starve the Fear."