What happens when you break the patterns?

emilyfinal-32 Life is full of patterns, it's how me bring order to the chaos of the world.  These patterns or paths of life provide us with milestones that help us understand where we are and if we're doing well.  There's nothing wrong with these patterns, until you break them.

These patterns are established in our lives: graduate high school...go to college....get job...get married....buy a house....have 2.5 kids....stay at it...buy a mini-van....upgrade the house...stay at it...retire.  This is expected, it's safe, it's predictable and there's nothing wrong with it.  Unless, that's not how you want to live.  If you decide to break the pattern at any point all hell breaks loose.

"Why did you quit college?" "You're leaving the suburbs for the city?" "You don't want kids?" "You're quitting the widget factory to be an artist?" "You're going to the gym and eating organic?"

It starts with questions and then moves to the "end of the earth" accusations and warnings.

"You'll end up working as a trashman if you quit!" "You'll get mugged and raped if you stay in the city!" "You're just being selfish!" "You're going to end up homeless!" "Mid-life crisis?  Having an affair?  Why else would you want to be healthy!"

We shouldn't be shocked by this, this is how it works.  If theres a fork in the road and the path to the left is packed and the right one is virtually empty most of us will veer left.  But you can't be a leader by  following the masses.  You can't change your industry, profession, field of study, life by following the masses.  You can't live your unique life if you follow the masses.

You have to disrupt the patterns.  You need to disrupt the patterns.  The world is waiting for you to disrupt the patterns.