Having Patience in the Insta-Generation

patience Most of us have plenty of ideas and dreams, a bit of curiosity and the hope that we can achieve one or two of them. What we oftentimes lack is the time to apply towards our own ideas and the patience to see them realized.

I've worked with creatives and businesses for years and I have always believed that this equation was how to reach success:


It seems like this would be the way that it works. We start with an with an idea, preferably a good one, whether it’s related to business, creativity, or even a social or lifestyle solution.

Next we need skill. Maybe we have the skill naturally or we have the desire to acquire the skill.

Maybe you want to be a chef. You already know how to cook, but you realize that you need a higher level of training. So, as soon as you get your Cordon Bleu degree then success is waiting immediately for you.

That couldn't be more wrong!

Do some people become overnight successes? Rarely. Most of us only see the end of the equation. We forget that it takes time to arrive at success. For the chef, learning to cook began as a child, then further education was required, but then it might still be years before that Chef owns her own profitable restaurant.

It’s the time in between when we acquire enough skill to pursue our dreams and the time it takes to achieve them that most of our dreams die.

We have the courage to act on a dream and when it doesn't happen instantly, we quit. We live in an instalife generation. News happens in India and we read about it moments later in California. A mom puts on a Chewbacca mask while riding in her car and within days she is on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Stuff goes viral and people shoot into the fame stratosphere and it's all so instant.

But most of our greatest successes will require time. When James Corden doesn't come calling, Oprah is nowhere to be found, and we can't even get Taylor Swift to write a song about us, we have to hunker down and fight our generation’s instalife conditioning.

Here's what the equation should really look like:

(Ideas + Skills) Multiplied by Time = SUCCESS (I+S)xT=Success

Time is the missing factor of the equation and it can also be the most difficult to deal with. Ideas can be developed, skills can be acquired but time is abstract. For some, success comes seemingly quickly and for others it seems like we're in the slow lane.

Living in the instageneration makes being patient difficult. We can easily get discouraged when we see a select few making their first million by 22, someone else writing their memoirs by 25, others buying their dream home straight out of college, videos going viral and their first book goes best seller, another one drops 100 lbs and becomes a model for Chanel all while we're still trying to join the gym.

We have to remember for every instant success there are a ton that take time. So rewrite the equation and say it over and over again. And remember the longer you wait for something, the better it is when you get it. So fine tune the idea, refine the skills and keep at it!