Why Imagination requires Sacrifice

sacrifice Imagination allows us to see new ideas, new products, new art forms, new approaches.  However, we only have a limited number of resources to work with.  So when we imagine something new, we have to be willing to sacrifice something already in place.  When I grew up I had one set of Lego (not because I was that poor, but because it was the 70's) with a limited number of pieces.  If I built a police station and I wanted to build a house, I had to sacrifice the police station.  Why?  I simply didn't have enough pieces to pull off both.

This is how it works in real life as well.  We are limited by 24 hours, mental capacity, skill sets, work requirements and of course finances.  So when we're dreaming of something new in our business or creativity we need to remember that before we can build something new we must be willing to sacrifice something old.