Leading a give back movement with Lauren Glass

lauren glass Lauren Glass is the southern entrepreneur behind Throw Pillows, a give back company.  This 25 year old entrepreneur is already seven years into her journey and there's no stopping her.  At the age of 18 she was wrestling with her purpose and the work she wanted to spend her life doing.  Being 5' 0" she ruled out being an olympic volleyball player, and quickly realized that there was no career in watching Netflix so she set out to discover her "thing".  One day she asked herself the question "If I were to die right now, what would people say about me?" and her life changed forever.

Lauren founded Beds4kids to help provide mattresses for children who were without.  She was in the process of writing grant proposals and soon realized that this process was risky and slow to produce results.  Her entrepreneurial spirit jumped in and she decided to fund her non-profit by launching the give back company Throw Pillows.  Lauren is on the journey towards changing the world around her by combining business with giving.  She's fearless, she's driven and she's accomplished by 25 what many of us hope to accomplish before retirement.  Join us for the interview below.