Post Election: What do we do now?

election Regardless of who you voted for, no one can deny that this election has been emotional.  This election, and many others around the world, have revealed some deep cracks in our humanity.  Many of us are afraid of anyone who doesn't look and act just like we do. It's easy to feel disappointed and hopeless when we see all that is broken.  So what do we do now?

We can wait for another election...hope for another candidate to say the right things...wish that things turn out ok....or.....there is another option.  What if we started solving problems?

Government can be good at a lot of things such as collecting taxes, providing infrastructure, administering laws and protecting through police and military, but one thing they don't do well....and honestly can't do well is love humanity.  The issues that this election has brought up...our fears, hatreds,frustrations and hurts can't be solved by laws or policies but they can be solved by us.

What do we do now?

Find the problem that bothers you the most.  Out of all the news coverage and dialogue that you've watching what hurts the most.

Find (be) the solution.  What can you do to fix it?  How can you become the remedy to the issues you see?

Invite others.  Instead of blaming, complaining, pointing fingers...what if we simply invited others to help us love, heal, serve, lead, support the humanity all around us?

We can't wait until the Inauguration for these problems to be solved.  We definitely can't wait until 2020 for them to be solved.  We can do it today.  What do we do now?  We do what we do best...we see problems and we solve them.