The Power of Entertaining Change

entertaining change by contributing author  

There is great strength in small steps. Think about this for a second…We’ve all been reminded that Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Often times I find myself simply entertaining ideas of change in my life. Whether those are big thoughts that lead to small actions, or small thoughts that lead to big actions, the launch pad of change grounds itself in active awareness, honest acknowledgment, and a bold idea.

The next step of this adventure involves follow through. Take Note: Follow through can be as simple as allowing yourself an afternoon of simply entertaining change. This action in and of itself is both effective and powerful. It allows you to (*responsibly) carve an overwhelming idea into your life without actual commitment. Is it realistic? Healthy? Attainable? Worthy of your time and commitment?

First off, picture where you would like to see yourself in your personal/professional life. Enjoy and acknowledge the freedom of even entertaining these dreams/ideas. Then, make a small step that might work towards guiding your goals (i.e. apply for a job/school, initiate a coffee date, go to interviews...). These actions are technically “non-committal,” but act as small steps towards expanding your options and opportunity. More often than not, the big vision you need to commit to change is waiting for you on the other side of a door opened by small steps.

The idea of making changes in your life is undeniably overwhelming. A safe place to start is simply allowing yourself the freedom to entertain changes in your life. Take advantage of the power of Visualization. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone without having to fully commit to your change by taking small steps. This momentum will often give you a realistic "taste" for what this change might offer you should you pursue it fully.

Take Small Steps. Open Doors. Entertain Change.