When they say it can't be done


"We don't do it that way."

"We've never done it that way before."

"It will never work."

Everything around us is caught in a conflict.  The world around us, our schools, political systems, companies, social structures all value uniformity and conformity....yet they all need innovation.  All of these systems will at some point admit that they could improve, that they could do something better.  This gap between what is and what can be can only be crossed by innovation.  The systems that are tried and true can not cross over into the future, it's impossible.  If it could have solved the problem it would have already.

We see ideas, we see possibilities.  Marty Neumeier says "Market researchers describe how the world is, creative people describe how it could be." So the answers to the problems around us can easily be identified if we look for them.  Anytime we have an idea that they say can't be done or will never work that's our sign.  Unless it's immoral or destructive to ourselves or the world around us the solution lies in the world of "never been done before."

We just have to be brave enough to do what they say can't be done.


photography by Carolina Segre