The Six Myths about Pursuing your Dreams

myths There are six significant myths regarding pursuing your dreams. Pursuing your dreams, doing your own thing, being your own boss....these phrases are hot right now and more and more of us are tossing off the status quo in search of a life that we hope aligns more with our passions, skill sets and dreams.  The problem is many of us believe the myths and find ourselves disoriented or discouraged once we pursue our dreams.  It's easy to feel like we've been ripped off once we buy into the pursuit of dreams and the results aren't what we hoped for.  So let's bust these myths!

  1. You have to quit your job.

    We've all envisioned it.  You walk into your bosses office, belt out "Take this job and shove it!"  As you turn around the soundtrack from Rocky plays, you load up your box of plants and personal belongings and everyone gives you High Fives as you walk out into your big adventure!  We have been told that pursuing your dreams is equal to quitting your job, this one is simply not true.

  2. You can finally focus 100% on your passions.

    They tell you that if you become an artist you can paint all day.  They say that you'll never have to do anything you don't enjoy again.  Well unless you're independently wealthy then you need to sell your art.  So you will quickly find yourself working on marketing, promotion, invoicing, legal, banking, networking, filling orders and the list goes on and on.  The truth is that until you can afford to hire a team (which brings with it hiring, training, additional legal and payroll paperwork) you are now a "one-man" show.  Everything will fall on your shoulders.  You may get to paint 10-20% of your time and all of the rest will working on tasks that you may have no idea how to do it.  So be careful with this one, it's also not true.

  3. You can't work for someone else.

    This is a major selling point for a lot of people. It is true that some jobs suck and some bosses suck.  But the reality is that you can work for someone else and pursue your dreams.  It's possible to pivot your role at your current job to allow you to integrate your passions into the role.  It's also possible to start pursuing your dreams as a project or side business.  The benefits of this approach is that it: 1. Allows you to build the business over time.  2. Removes the immediate financial pressure of having to meet your budget needs. 3. It keeps the dream fun for you.  This myth is definitely not true.

  4. You will get rich quick.

    This myth has been around for a long time.  We see the stories on Facebook, Instagram and in various interviews.  A person starts a business and makes their first million by the time they are 27.  We're all good people so if they can do it so can we. Right?  The truth is that those overnight success stories are rare and honestly rarely overnight.  Building a business of any type takes time and unfortunately many of them actually fail.  It is possible to be financially successful off any type of business but it takes time, sacrifice and patience.

  5. You are guaranteed happiness.

    It's the American Dream to do your own thing and be happy.  The reality is that there are unhappy people living boring lives and there are unhappy people chasing their own dreams.  Starting a business, traveling the world for a year, living in a tiny house in Nebraska while weaving dream catchers is no guarantee of happiness.  True happiness doesn't come from a task or job, it comes from a much deeper place.

  6. You can't be grown up and have a dream.

    Age doesn't matter when it comes to pursuing a dream.  People have started businesses, pursued art forms and created movements at every age.  So many of the amazing things we see around us exist because someone was brave enough to dream.  Our world is a better place because people had ideas and they pursued making them a reality.  Children may have us beat on imagination but we can actually take that imagination and make it a reality. When we stop buying into the previous myths we can set realistic expectations, learn the new skills required, be responsible all while building the life of our dreams.