Starting Beyond Your Experience with Laura Bento

starting Do you have an idea that is great but you don't have the experience for?  This is a common problem among entrepreneurs and often times keeps us from pursuing our dreams.  In this episode of the podcast Laura Bento joins us and shares with us how she continually starts ideas that are beyond her experience.

A few weeks ago I met Laura Bento, founder of Good Grit Magazine, and was shocked by one of her first statements.  I expected to her say that she had worked for publications for years and after proving herself had decided to start her own magazine.  Instead she told me "Prior to starting Good Grit I had never actually subscribed to a magazine before."  After a few more questions I discovered that when she conceived the idea for Good Grit she had ZERO publication experience.

Prior to launching her magazine she ran a consulting company and found herself needing to learn new skills consistently.  She was able to utilize multiple opportunities to build her skill set through curiosity and the simple art of asking questions. Laura is the ultimate learner and has leverages this skill set to build Good Grit.

In this Episode you will learn:

  • You are not limited by your experience.
  • Drama and low points make for a great life story.
  • Fear is different than being scared. Fear prevents you from pursuing your ideas whereas being scared is something you feel WHILE pursuing your ideas.

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