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How real brands are made

Branding is more than a logo.  You’ve probably heard this before, but it needs to be said again.  There’s a misconception about this because we often define branding with the old cattle brand in mind.  “You’ve come a long way baby.” Brands have put more energy and resources into their visual identity than ever before and it’s an ok place to start, but it’s not enough.  The modern branding movement has resulted in a lot of amazing logos and visual identities but sadly the businesses still struggle. Why?

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How Brands use Empathy to Build Reputation

How do you build reputation without becoming the hero of the story?
Empathy!  We all love brands that make us feel important, it's just the way it works.  So when we focus on building reputation we face two choices:  1. Build our reputation around ourselves or 2. Build our reputation on the customer experience.  If we want to be the guide and keep the customer as the hero then using empathy to build the customer experience is the best choice.

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Your Reputation Matters!

Money isn't the goal, trust is!  Trust is the actual currency of business and reputation is one of the key tools you have to earn this trust.

Everyone talks about marketing, do a search on YouTube, iTunes or Google and you'll be flooded with articles on how to market.  But the next question is equally as important...How do I get people to buy from me?  The answer is found in reputation.  Reputation requires more than tagline and social media, it requires action and alignment.  

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