The journey towards endless possibilities

Valentina Fussell Italy to Switzerland Over 14 years ago we boarded an airplane for an unknown life in Spain with a baby along for the ride. We weren’t sure what to expect or what it may look like but we went with a strong sense of curiousity and a certainty that we were more than equipped to take on the world. A few years later, a little more wise and a lot more humble, we found ourselves in Morocco with three young kids. That season brought incredible changes into our lives, was at times so physically demanding that we were mentally worn out, and yet even in the midst of hardship, we began to discover new pieces of ourselves that we had never known were there. One friend showed us incredible kindness and begged us to explore the creativity inside ourselves that he could so clearly see.

Almost six years ago, we boarded yet another airplane heading to a destination that couldn’t be more opposite and yet equally as unknown as North Africa. We arrived in Copenhagen with a sense of creativity and some understanding of who we are, but in retrospect, we were living out shadows of who we truly are. We began to meet people who were not only brave, but were risk takers. Whether they were launching new businesses, caring for the poor, emerging designers or passionate artists, they all had one thing in common….they were living in a place where their creativity and purpose intersected. We’ve been so inspired that we’ve hardly slept since our arrival because the sense of newness and excitement for all these new possibilities created a constant source of energy and hunger in us.

We couldn’t help but be changed by this city and the people who we have gathered around us. We have seen our identity and our own dreams come into greater focus than ever before as the creativity in others began igniting a passion for our own.

In a few weeks we will once again board an airplane but this time it’s for the USA. It’s a land that is familiar only to Valentina and I, and we feel like we are approaching it as long lost friends. We are literally making the biggest move of our lives within the next few weeks, taking the largest risk we’ve ever taken, but we’re doing so with a greater sense of purpose than we’ve ever had before. We are choosing to leave the comfortable, the known, and the predictable for a future that is less certain because we believe in possibilities, not only in ourselves, but more importantly, in each one of you.

We are delighted to share our own journey with you, but, more importantly, we hope that it will bring you endless encouragement and sense of discovery for your own passions and dreams. Finding your greatest possibilities, discovering your most creative ideas, and living the life of your dreams can be scary, but we want to provide community for you, give constant encouragement, and be the support you need. We’ll introduce you to the people we meet that are inspiring us as we learn together not only how to identify an idea worth pursuing but how to reach for your greatest possibilities.