On the journey with The Nomadic Wife, Melanie Villeneuve

nomadic wife Melanie Villeneuve is The Nomadic Wife and she is leading a movement to inspire and resource people to eat more plant based meals & bacon. Melanie is less than a year into her startup and is already creating amazing content and more importantly, she's enabling people to live a more nourished life.  She does all of this while creating her own recipes and photography that is truly breath-taking.

In this interview Melanie clearly lays out the steps she took to transition from her previous career as a wedding photographer to her new role as The Nomadic Wife.  There are four key steps to her process:

1. Start with something you're truly passionate about.  She wanted to change her own life by replacing unhealthy foods with more plants.  At the same time she started picking up a few food photography jobs.  When these two interests came together from different parts of her life she paid attention and noticed the trend.

2. Create a home base for the launch.  "Your no one without a website."  The website provides a home base to create content for various social media channels.  This site also serves a significant role required for any movement, a place to build community.

3.Chose creating over marketing.  Within six months she had created around 250 recipes.  This focus on content over sales allows for her message and ideas to saturate her work in more significant ways without the immediate pressure of making sales.  Often times we decide to launch a business or project and start with marketing, Melanie chose to focus on creating first.  Not only does it allow for a deeper saturation of message but it also allows her to go into "auto" mode on content creation when it's time to launch.

4.Gathering 100 rejections.  It doesn't matter how great the product or message is if no one knows about it.  Instead of playing it safe Melanie continually seeks out rejection.  Each week she submits content to 5-6 places.  Her rejection rate of 50% is worth the fact that the other 50% pick up her content.

This mass approach plus the sheer volume of content is positioning The Nomadic Wife at the epicenter of an evolving movement.

Melanie is launching a whole new line of meal plans for fall. Are you ready to join the movement? Start here!