The Podcast is here!

ocpodcast We're so excited to announce the launch of our podcast, Onward Creatives!  Each week we'll be sharing insight, ideas and best practices for living out your greatest story.  The thing that makes our podcast different is that we're literally recording these while in the midst of the biggest relaunch of our life!  We're weeks away from moving 5000 miles from Copenhagen, Denmark to Portland, Oregon with our family of five.  In this first season we'll both be sharing key insights from the process of life change so that you can benefit from our experiences.

Down below you can listen to the first episode right here on the blog.  You can also signup via iTunes to have it automatically updated to your phone or tablet each week as we post new episodes. After listening we would love if you would rate and review the show so that others can enjoy it also.  Thanks so much!  Happy Listening!

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