Three Things to be Grateful For

grateful We have so much to be grateful for. If we look at where we started in 2016 and where we all are now....there's so much to celebrate. I love this time of the year in America because we take a day to simply give thanks (and eat pie). I know for some the meaning has gotten diluted with shopping and all....but for me....I still take time to reflect and process everything that has happened. As we all begin to wrap up the year this is a great time to begin making list of all the things we are grateful for. I think there are three key things to be grateful for:

1. The things you wanted and you got. What did you want this year? Start a blog? Write a book? Launch a business? Which of those things did you accomplish? Make sure to celebrate how far you've come! You are not in the same on December 1 as you were on January 1...and this is worth celebrating!

2. The things you got but never knew you wanted. Life sometimes surprises us with huge gifts that we never expected. Think of all the "coincidences" and "chance" meetings that you had this year. Think of the people that you randomly met that changed your direction or encouraged you to keep going. These gifts are so special and definitely deserve to be celebrated.

3. The things you wanted and DIDN'T get.  This list is the most difficult to make because it often takes a while to see these for what they are....blessings.  Sometimes we want certain things to happen in life....a relationship, a career, promotion, house....and they fall through.  The fact is that this loss hurts deeply.  Sometimes in life we actually get to see how amazing it was that we DIDN'T get these things.  What things did you want this year that didn't come to reality?  Have you been able to see the "why" behind the "what" yet?

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