Three Ways to Rethink Work / Life Balance

work life There are few subjects as divisive as work/life balance.  We definitely live in a world of polarizing opinions on what this means and what is the proper balance.  On one side of the equation is the group idealizing working from the beach, living life to it's fullest all the time.  On the other side is the "I hustle and work while you sleep and play."  Both sides are loud mouthed, opinionated and mostly motivate through guilt.  You deserve better than this!

It's time to rethink the whole work/life debate (which includes redefining these stupid words).

1. There's not just one definition of work/life balance.  It's not the fewest amount or the most amount of hours which wins, because each of us is different.  It's time that we let go of the guilt and the manipulation and realize that proper balance varies from person to person.

2. Stop seeing work and life as opposing factors.  The fact is that life is everything.  Life is family, work, play and us as individuals.  Hotwire president Henrik Kjellberg has reframed the discussion around work and leisure.  He works in order to enjoy leisure and his leisure refreshes him for his work.  There's no separation between the two and they're not always opposing factors.

3. Succeed with a purpose.  Jim Bird thinks of this as achievement and enjoyment.  You work for a purpose which is where you find enjoyment.  This step is probably where most of us struggle because we've never taken the time to define what we really want, or we're afraid to admit it to others.  Until we define our purpose and what we actually want we'll always struggle with the time we invest in our work.