If you want to start something, get some experience


I recently asked Jonathan Pascual of Taproom Coffee "If you could give advice to someone who wants to start something new, what would it be?"

Get experience! I meet people all the time who want to open a coffee shop because they enjoy the feeling, the setting, the idea of a cafe but they’ve never worked in a cafe or restaurant before. I think this is crazy.I had the idea for Taproom coffee in the planning stages for 7 years while I worked at other places. I worked as a Barista for Starbucks and learned all about drinks and pulling espresso shots. I also managed a cafe and learned that side of the business. I was truly stretched when I worked at a restaurant for a while and got alot of experience working with people and serving people in a fast paced setting.

So if you have an idea for a business, go get experience! Take any job you can that will help you learn some aspect of what you’re hoping to do. Don’t stop pursuing the idea, but develop the idea while you develop yourself!