Was it worth it?

worth We started 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We had a nice house, decent car, a job, great friends, a routine.....a great life.  But below the surface there was turmoil and dissonance.....a change was brewing.  By March we had made the decision to change our life and so we did what anyone with a great life does....we quit our job!  The following months would bring more change than imaginable and we would soon find ourselves in the US with no house, no car, no job, few friends and no sense of routine or normality.  As the year continued on all of the things that were broken suddenly began to fall in place again.  And by the end of 2017 we found ourselves with a new house, cars, a great job, new friends and a new version of routine.

Was it worth it?

Without any doubt the answer is a resounding YES!

Change is hard.  Pursuing your best life is hard.  And to be honest, it doesn't always work out the way that we want.  Even in our journey we presumed things and sought after things as we relaunched that didn't come true.  We ended up in Atlanta, not the West Coast.  I thought I would be self employed but I'm working for someone.  But in both of these examples the actual is much better than what we had planned on.  This is how it works.  We sometimes get what we want and sometimes we get what's best for us.  Sometimes those two things are the same but many times they are much different.

The journey we've been on isn't about getting a certain job or living a certain lifestyle.  The journey is about creating a life that is in alignment with who we are as people.  If we're characters in a great story we need to make sure that we create the set to match.  This is what 2016 was all about.

So what's next?

Last year was about relaunching, making the pivot required to adjust course and trajectory.  This year is about the journey.  Now that we've adjusted course, we've left where we were, now it's time to live it out.  It's time to truly be these creative people that we are.  It's the year to be curious about life, creativity, others.  It's a year to continue journeying on, but also a year to glance behind to others who are on the same journey and offer encouragement and insight.

Thanks for journeying with us this year, your kind words and support mean more than you'll ever know.

We've shared more about our journey in this episode of the podcast I hope you'll listen in and be encouraged in your own journey.


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