What would happen if you quit?

quit The creative journey that we're on is tough, exhausting and at times overwhelming. What would happen if you quit?  Seriously, what would happen if you called it quits?  This a group of creatives: some of us are in existing businesses using our creativity to support and grow established businesses, some of us are solo artists trying to make it as writers, photographers, artists and others of us are building a tribe about an idea or thought.  All of these can be exhausting and can push us to the edge.  So what would happen if you quit?

To be honest....it would probably feel great.  What if we stopped moving forward and decided to stay where we are, doing what we've been doing?  We would probably feel relieved.....and then we wouldn't.  Our ideas for business, art and creativity are not some frivolous thing we pursue out of boredom or restlessness, they're birthed out of the depths of who we are.  Although powering this side of us down would feel good for a brief season, as soon as we caught our breath we would once again feel the call to pursue these ideas Onward.

What would happen if you quit? Play it out....write it down....and every time you want to give up and go back, replay this story and allow the regrets of not pursuing your ideas, dreams and art to flood your heart and mind. You were made for this, what would happen if you quit?