You have to keep growing

growNow of course we love you like you are....but you need to change!  Over the years I've seen my share of movies like "Sweet Home Alabama" with the basic storyline of...."Change is bad."  I'm so tired of that repetitive storyline in our society telling us that if we change or grow that we've somehow forgotten our roots and become something that we're not.  Enough!

That mentality favors stunted growth and basically implies that our highlight in life occurred around 18-20 years old and by then we knew everything that we need to know.  Now for some this may be the case, for some it actually is the case.  But not for us!

I believe that life is a journey, that every year and every experience builds upon the previous and if we allow it to we change for the better.  An oak tree grows from a tiny acorn to a mighty tree....does it forsake its roots (ok, pun intended)?  No, it's roots are what gives it the nourishment to grow and be mighty.  A small, weak tree implies small weak roots.....not the other way around.

I say that we rejoice when we run into someone we haven't seen in a while and they're the same and yet also very different.  I say that we celebrate someone who has evolved, grown and changed over the years in a way that reflects their journey, their community, their influences.  This shows life.  Living things grow and change.  Death will come soon enough, there's no reason to live like we're already dead.  We need to change. We need to keep growing!