Episode 129: Seven Steps to a Balanced Side Hustle

The world is quickly shifting to the freelance era.  Over 35% of people in the US have some type of side hustle.  There are more of us than ever before working on a side business.  The big issue that we all face is how to balance it.  If we push too hard we could jeopardize both jobs and if we move too slow we risk never gaining momentum.

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Jack Fussell
Episode 124: Best Year Ever, Defining the Ideal Future

What does the ideal future look like?  One of the key steps to living your best year ever is defining what success looks like.  Define every part of it, what is feels like, what the results are.  Now define your current reality. Look at what you're doing, what it feels like, what you're not happy with.   Between these two is the gap or delta, and this gap is where our work begins.

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